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Opening Existing Websites

Now that we’ve created a website, let’s see how to open this website at a later point in time. First, go ahead and close the website. This can be accomplished by closing Visual Web Developer altogether, or by going to the File menu and choosing Close Project.

After closing your website, reopen it by going to the File menu and choose the Open Web Site menu option. This will list the Open Web Site dialog box. This dialog box is nearly identical to the Choose Location dialog box shown in Figure 3.2.

Because you created your website locally through your personal computer’s file system, open the site by selecting the File System icon in the left column and then navigating to the folder where you placed the website. Finally, click the Open button to open the website.

Opening the website will close the existing opened website (if any) and load the selected website’s contents into the Solution Explorer. At this point you can work with the website as you normally would, creating and editing web pages’ HTML and source code portions.

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