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Let’s Get Up and Running with AspectJ

I’m assuming you’ve downloaded and installed a copy of AspectJ, following the instructions about modifying your PATH and CLASSPATH (if required). As usual with Java software, this is a little bit fiddly, so here’s what I did to get going.

On Windows XP, you can simply modify the environment via the Control Panel. Open the System applet, click the Advanced tab, and change the Environment Variables setting. I added the folder InstallDir\AspectJava\bin to my user variables path. For system variables, I added a JAVA_HOME variable that points to my JDK install folder. Finally, I added to my CLASSPATH variable the JAR file InstallDir\AspectJava\lib\aspectjrt.jar.

You should now be able to get the examples working. Now let’s take a look at a simple aspect.

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