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Physically Setting Up for the Experiment

Go ahead and plug the FireCracker serial interface (CM17A) into the back of your Windows Media Center PC’s serial port. For this article, I’ll assume that you’re plugging the serial interface into COM1.

Next, plug the transceiver module (TMT571) into a wall outlet. I’ll assume that you have the House code set to A as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 01

Figure 1 The X10 transceiver module (TM751), plugged into an outlet and set to House code A.

Finally, plug a lamp into the lamp module (LM465) as shown below. For our study, set the House code to A and Unit number to 2, as shown in Figure 2.

Figure 02

Figure 2 The lamp module, plugged into an outlet and set to House code A and Unit code 2. Notice the lamp cord plugged into the lamp module.

I suggest making sure that you can turn the lamp off and on via the H12A Palm Pad included in your FireCracker kit. That way, you know that your hardware setup is performed properly.

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