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Finding a Web-Based Picture

The easiest way I know to find a web-based picture is to use Google’s Image Search. There are other methods, but this one is quick and reliable. Using MS Internet Explorer (other browsers work, but the exact steps can be different), go to http://www.google.com. Click Images. In this case, I typed the name of the movie (for example, "imaginary heroes"—with quotes) into the search field, and clicked Search Images.

There were more than 2,000 matches, and I arbitrarily chose the first one that wasn’t too large. Note that Google lists picture sizes in pixels. What’s too large? You’ll have to decide and perhaps experiment. For my purposes, pictures of 150 x 150 or smaller are acceptable.

Click See full-sized image. When the full-sized image appears, right-click it and choose Properties, as shown in Figure 9. In the Properties box, note the Address item. Even though it appears gray, which sometimes means the contents are inaccessible, the contents in this case can be selected. Click anywhere in the Address field and press Ctrl+A to select the entire field. Then right-click the selection and choose Copy.

Back in Access, click in the Photo field, and press Ctrl+V. The Photo field now contains just the text of the link, as shown in Figure 10. Close the movies database in Access, saying Yes to save changes. Close the Movies: Database window as well.

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