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TimeSplitters: Future Perfect: Where’s the Love?

Genre: Action/Shooter Publisher: Electronic Arts Developer: Free Radical Platform: PS2, Xbox, GameCube Metacritic Metascore: 84

One shooter series that tends to get overlooked is TimeSplitters. The series spans three games going back as far as the year 2000 when the original was released on the PS2. It’s an intense action series that takes place in various time periods; an alien race called the TimeSplitters has caused a ripple in the Earth’s time stream and basically hijacked periods of history. Future Perfect has been a darling of the press from day one due to its high intensity, fast-paced gameplay, but it has never really garnered the attention from consumers as other games in the genre.

The latest installment of the series takes place immediately after the events of TimeSplitters 2, approximately 400 years into the future. You play Sergeant Cortez, a solider who is charged with going back in time to eradicate the evil TimeSplitters once and for all. Cortez goes back in time as far as 1924, but there are also some missions that take place in the "present day" of 2401.

Quick Boss Guide

To succeed in wiping out the TimeSplitters, you’re going to have to face several bosses, some of whom are downright tough to kill. Here’s a quick guide to get you through the rough patches:

  • Tank. Most of your weapons will be totally ineffective in this fight. The key is the TNT scattered about the area, which also respawns so you never run out. Use your K-SMG Grenade Launcher to distract the tank as you strafe around the area. Keep moving. The tank’s machine gun fire will nail you if you stay in one place too long. Set a grenade on the tank, which will stall the vehicle long enough for you to plant the TNT behind it. After three or four charges, the tank should say goodnight.
  • Deer Haunter. There are two ways to handle this. You can keep him at range with a shotgun; just keep moving and plugging him and don’t let him corner you. Or you can use the really cheeseball method of going back into the room he came from (through the wall) because he can’t go back in there. Just sit down with a sandwich and pop him ‘til he falls.
  • Undead Creature. Another part of the House of Horrors level, this can be a bit tough. Keep circle-strafing and always try to shoot the creature in the face with a shotgun or revolver so that the eyeball on his bellybutton eventually opens up (shoot it when it does).
  • "Princess". On the What Lies Below level, this is the "Princess" that Harvey has been on about. She’s actually the same "Creature" as before, only a little tougher and this time you have to deal with other bad guys and you need to keep your partner Jo Beth alive. You should use the harpoon gun for this fight. Wait for Princess to open "her" maw and let loose the harpoon to blow up the gas canister in its mouth.
  • Goliath. Located on the Something to Crow About level, the Goliath Battle-Mech is big, but not all that tough if. Get close and plant grenades on him. Use everything you’ve got, and then go get more over on the ramp. If you’re really good you can use autofire on him and just strafe him to death.
  • Cyborg Creature. Also on the Something to Crow About level, this is a tough fight. You should try to use the column as cover, if he doesn’t grenade them. You need to blow up all parts of the creature, including the main turret, side turrets, and side grenade launchers. Use the Mini-gun or some grenades to take out the firearms and go for the main turret first because it’s the main damage dealer.
  • Crow Creature. This is it; the final fight. It’s actually not all that hard. Use any rapid-fire weapon you want to blow off his legs, and then use a grenade launcher on his exposed backside. Rinse and repeat until he falls. (Note: You can shoot off his hands, but they just regenerate. Don’t waste your time or ammo.)

Nottingham, England–based developer Free Radical was founded by many former Rare employees, many of whom worked on the classic console action game GoldenEye 007.

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