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MetaFrame Data Store Requirements

Because the IMA Data Store is the central repository for storing all the farm settings for the MetaFrame Presentation Servers, careful planning and database software consideration are necessary. The IMA Data Store supports the following database software:

  • Microsoft Access—This database software is intended for use by organizations that have up to 50 MetaFrame servers in their farms. It is provided to you free with the MPS operating system and is installed automatically if you choose to deploy the Data Store as an Access database. It is also ideal in organizations in which experienced database administrators are not available.
  • Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine (MSDE)—MSDE, database software based on Microsoft SQL server, is a lightweight database installed on the first MPS server prior to installing MetaFrame. MSDE is geared toward small to medium-size businesses and is much more robust than Microsoft Access. It can be administered using standard Microsoft SQL Server tools.
  • Microsoft SQL Server—This complete database software is recommended for any size organization. It can be costly in terms of price, so if cost is a major factor and the company is small to medium sized, other options such as Access or MSDE would be more appropriate. SQL is very robust and scalable.
  • Oracle—Similar to Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle is recommended for any size organization, but because of price considerations and the expertise needed for installation and administration, it is recommended for medium to large organizations. It is a very robust and scalable database system.
  • IBM DB/2—Another enterprise class database software similar to Oracle and Microsoft SQL, IBM DB/2 is suited for medium to large organizations. It is very scalable and robust. It also requires extensive expertise to install and maintain.

When you use Microsoft Access or Microsoft MSDE as the Data Store database, they should be installed on the first MetaFrame server in the farm.

Direct and Indirect Data Store Connection

A MetaFrame Presentation Server can connect to the IMA Data Store in two ways. Depending on the type of database software you decide to use, MPS servers make either a direct connection or an indirect connection.

A direct connection to the IMA Data Store means that the database software resides on a dedicated server and all the MetaFrame servers connect directly to this dedicated database server and plug into the IMA Data Store. This type of connection is associated with Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and IBM DB/2 databases.

An indirect connection to the IMA Data Store means that the first MetaFrame server you install in the farm hosts the Data Store, which is in the format of a Microsoft Access or an MSDE database. All MPS servers added thereafter will connect to the first MPS server, which hosts the IMA Data Store and will then connect to the Data Store, thereby making an indirect connection. The MPS servers can’t connect directly to the Data Store database but first have to connect to the MPS server and then to the Data Store it hosts.

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