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9: Flawed Filtering

In the Address Book, if the filter pop-up menu is set to "Name contains," Entourage returns all contacts that contain the entered criterion—not only in the Name field, but also in the E-mail Address field (see Figure 9). Look, Microsoft, the pop-up menu is supposed to define the scope of the search. Don’t take it upon yourself to decide that we really should be searching other fields. If that’s a useful feature, allow us to specify those fields by exposing them in the pop-up menu.

Figure 9

Figure 9 Filtering searches beyond the specified scope. Here Entourage lists a record that contains webb in the email field, but not in the designated name field.

Equally frustrating is that this oddball behavior isn’t consistent. If the filter pop-up menu is set to "Company contains," Entourage doesn’t extend the filter’s scope to the E-mail Address field. If extending the scope makes sense when looking for names, why not also for companies?

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