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MPLS Applications

I always think the term MPLS application is a useful concept because it’s similar to other, more familiar applications, such as word processing software, email, etc. Figure 5 illustrates the concept where an end user employs a suite of applications to fulfill his/her needs.

Figure 5

Figure 5 The use of applications.

It’s a similar idea with MPLS: It can be used to accommodate certain needs, such as the creation of a VPN. An MPLS application such as a VPN is the combination of many entities:

  • Application-level entities—virtual routing forwarding objects
  • Routing protocols
  • Signaling protocols
  • LSPs
  • QoS
  • Traffic engineering

The combination of these entities then provides an application function, in this case a VPN. Other MPLS applications include pseudowires for the transport of layer traffic through an MPLS network.

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