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Introducing Fireworks 8

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This chapter is from the book

In this chapter

  • What's New in Fireworks 8
  • Fireworks 8 Environment
  • Document Window
  • Tools Unique to Fireworks
  • Property Inspector
  • Menu Bar
  • Fireworks Panels
  • Customization with Preferences
  • Troubleshooting 
  • Best Practices—Knowing When and How Your Images Will Be Viewed

What’s New in Fireworks 8

Several new features have been introduced in Fireworks 8, as well as enhancements of some existing features. New feature functionality includes

  • The new Image Editing panel—Provides access to commonly used image editing tools, filters, and menu commands.
  • The new Auto Shape Properties panel—Enables you to modify the properties of Auto Shapes.
  • The new Special Characters panel—Using this panel you can insert special characters into text blocks.
  • The new Add Shadow command—Enables you to add a shadow effect to vector objects and text blocks.
  • New symbol libraries—Additional buttons, bullets, themes, and animations have been added to the Fireworks 8 libraries.
  • New default styles—Additional styles have been added in Fireworks 8.
  • New default patterns and textures—Patterns and textures for use in filling shapes have been updated.
  • CSS-based pop-up menus—Pop-up menus created in Fireworks 8 are now CSS-based, rather than JavaScript.
  • New blend modes—25 new blend modes have been added, including Negative, Hard Light, Soft Light, Freeze, and a host of others.
  • Additional import file formats—Formats such as QuickTime, TGA, MacPaint, and others are now available for import into Fireworks 8.
  • Additional slicing capabilities—Slices can now be polygons or rectangles.

Those existing features that have received updates include

  • The capability to save multiple selections—Using the marquee tool, you can now save, restore, and name multiple selections within PNG files.
  • Shift-Click functionality in the Layers panel—Enables you to make contiguous selections within the panel.
  • Stored Autosave preferences—Fireworks preferences are autosaved by the application to ensure that your preferences remain consistent each time you run the application.
  • Enhanced vector compatibility—Vector attributes of fills and strokes are preserved when objects are moved between Fireworks and Flash.
  • Improved JPEG compression—JPEG files can be exported into smaller files with better quality.
  • Improvements to the Color Replace, Remove Red Eye, and Vector Path tools and Popup Previews—Each of these tools has been improved to enhance functionality.
  • Export Preview renamed to Image Preview—The functionality remains largely the same, but the navigation link has simply been renamed.
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