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What's Missing?

So far, you set up the banner, chose a design, selected a color scheme, and applied a font scheme, but something appears to be missing. Oh, yeah! The banner text!

When you chose your banner design, the wizard automatically inserted some suggested text. But you don't have to use that text. To replace the suggested text, click the text, which selects the text box, as shown in Figure 7. Now, you can either add to or simply delete the text that's there.

What if you type too much text to fit in the space that the banner wizard has provided? Well, try it. Type The quick red fox jumps over the lazy brown dog and see what happens. As you type, the point size automatically gets smaller. Eventually, when the wizard decides that the text is getting too small to be a respectable banner, text wraps to the next line. The text keeps on wrapping and shrinking until the font size gets down to .5 points. Let's not get silly.

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