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Exam Prep Questions

  1. Which of the following items is not considered important when matching characteristics for additional Intel microprocessors on SMP-capable server boards?

    1. Family
    2. Stepping
    3. Model
    4. Cache
  2. The NOS is capable of running multiple CPUs. However, following the installation of the newest processor, the system boots up without recognizing it. What is the most sensible action to take at this point?

    1. Configure the NOS for SMP.
    2. Replace the bad CPU.
    3. Examine the stepping of the new CPU.
    4. Perform a BIOS upgrade.
  3. Select the most accurate statement:

    1. SMP systems are more expensive to implement than ASMP.
    2. SMP is easier to implement than ASMP.
    3. SMP is a slower implementation than ASMP.
    4. In an SMP server system, all CPUs share the same board, but require their own memory, peripherals, and NOS.
  4. What is the most important functional aspect of SMP?

    1. The running of multiple threads simultaneously on multiple processors
    2. The division of tasks between multiple processors being executed one at a time
    3. The running of multiple NOSes by multiple processors
    4. The composition of multiple threads into a single thread prior to execution
  5. Which of the following is not a 16-bit or a 32-bit operating system?

    1. Panther
    2. Windows 2000 Server
    3. Windows Server 2003
    4. Windows 98
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