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Deliver the ZENworks Management Agent to the Workstations

You are now ready to get the agents on the workstations in your network and start managing them. This can be done by adding the agent install to a login script, group policy (delivered by Active Directory), or website.

ZENworks includes a tool called the Agent Distributor that uses the information in an Active Directory to locate and install the agent directly on attached workstations.

To install the agent using the Agent Distributor, do the following:

  1. Log in as a member of the Active Directory domain.

  2. Launch the Agent Distributor (this is typically found in c:\novell\consoleone\1.2\bin\AgentDistributor.exe).

  3. Enter the administrator username and password. This account will be used to authenticate and install the agent to the selected workstations. Click OK.

  4. Browse to and select the ZENworks agent. This is typically located (on a Windows server) at c:\novell\public\zenworks\ZfDAgent\English\ZfDAgent.msi.

  5. Click the Configure Agent button to bring up another dialog that lets you set what components are installed and where the middle-tier server is located. Fill in all the appropriate and desired configurations and click OK (see Figure 3.3).

  6. Click the Add button. Browse to and add all the workstations from Active Directory for which you want the Agent Distributor to install the agent. Give it a little time to get connected with the workstation and install the agent.

Figure 3.3

Figure 3.3 The Agent Distributor installation configuration screen.

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