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Set Up Policies to Take Inventory and Provide Remote Management

You are going to need workstation objects in the directory so that you can activate inventory scanning to retrieve hardware and software information about the workstation. This step instructs ZENworks when to take an inventory of the workstations and sets the security of remote management to use eDirectory security.

Set up the inventory and remote policy by executing the following steps:

  1. Launch ConsoleOne.

  2. Make a Policies container to hold your policies. (You don’t technically need to do this, but I like to try to be organized.)

  3. With the Policies container highlighted, click the Package Wizard toolbar button. This launches the policy package creation tool.

  4. Select Create a Workstation Package and click Next. Enter a name for the package and click Next. Select Define Additional Properties and click Finish.

  5. Select Remote Control Policy under the Policies→General tab. Click the Properties button.

  6. Configure the properties on the various tabs to configure such items as Password Enabled and whether to allow encrypted sessions. After the policy is configured as you want, click OK.

  7. Select a platform to configure the inventory policy by selecting Policies→Windows XP (for example). Enable the inventory policy by selecting the policy and then clicking Properties.

  8. Under the General tab, browse and select the inventory service created at installation time. This object will most likely be in the container where the server is located and will be named something like Inventory Service_SERVERNAME.

  9. Configure the policy by selecting the Hardware and Software Scan tabs and selecting the desired configuration.

  10. Select the top Policy Schedule tab and choose when you want the inventory scanning to take place on the workstations. Click OK.

  11. Select the Associations tab in the policy package and associate the policy with workstations or with containers that hold workstations. Click OK.

You have now configured the policy to describe how inventory and remote management will behave for the associated workstations.

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