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The SAP suite of applications are based on an RDBMS, or Relational Database Management System. The database serves as the core repository for all programs and data, the latter of which consists of database tables and indexes. This hour you learned about the structure of a database and what it contains. The concepts covered in this hour are the key to understanding the behind-the-scenes functioning of your SAP system, especially as you build upon this foundation in the next few hours.


  1. Will the business logic configured in the SAP system function the same regardless of the database used, for example, Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, and so on?

  1. The SAP business logic configured in the system functions the same regardless of the brand or release of the database storing and managing the data. Of course, the particular brand or release of database must be supported in the first place by the SAP software installation process.

  1. Will the SAP system permit you to create a new record that has the same primary key as another record?

  1. No. The SAP system prevents you from being able to create new records with a primary key that already exists.

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