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Governance & Organization

This functional area is focused on enterprise CIOs and business executives concerned with enterprise-wide governance of business technology. The capabilities that must be developed to support this functional area ensure that required decisions are identified, assigned, and executed effectively. Necessary capabilities also include the ability to design an organization that meets the needs of the business, manages risk appropriately, and gives proper consideration to government, regulatory, and industry requirements. Four capabilities constitute the Governance & Organization functional area:

  1. The Strategic and Tactical Governance capability establishes what decisions must be made, the people responsible for making them, and the process used to decide. This relates to a full range of business technology governance issues, investment decisions, standards and principles, as well as target business and technology architectures.
  2. The Organization Design and Change Management capability establishes the makeup of work groups, defining and populating levels, roles, and reporting relationships to enable technology-based business initiatives. This capability also supports structuring and administering organizational and individual incentives as well as designing programs to foster quick and effective adoption of change.
  3. The Communication Strategy and Management capability establishes overall strategy and tactics for creating broad-based understanding and getting actionable information throughout the organization. In particular, this capability facilitates the management of communications associated with large-scale change programs and business-technology synchronization.
  4. The Compliance and Risk Management capability ensures that government and regulatory requirements are understood and met with regard to business technology initiatives and that appropriate risk mitigation strategies are in place.
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