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Sending Mail

When you have completed spell check, you can send the message or you can save it as a draft to send later (see Figure 3.9).

To send the message, click the Send button or the Send and File button in the Action bar:

  • Send—Sends the message to the recipient’s mailbox and, by default, saves a copy of your message in the Sent view.
  • Send and File—In addition to sending the message, you are given the option of storing a copy of the message in a folder. For more information about creating folders, see Chapter 4.

To save a message as a draft, click the Save As Draft button in the Action bar. Your message is stored in the Drafts folder. At a later time, you can open the message by double-clicking the message from the Drafts view. The document is automatically opened in edit mode. When you’re ready to send the message choose Send or Send and File in the Action bar.

Figure 3.9

Figure 3.9 A completed message can be sent or saved in the drafts folder. The body of the message is a rich text field and can contain formatted text or pictures as shown here.

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