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Selecting and Marking Mail

Before you can read, delete, print, or take any other action on a mail message, you must first select it. One message is already selected when you open your mailbox. To select a message, click once on the message in the View pane. A selected message has a heavy black rectangle around the name, date, and subject of the message.

To select a different message in the list, click on it or use the up and down arrows on your keyboard to move to it. To select multiple messages, click in the column to the left of the "Who" column (this column is called the "selection margin"). This places a checkmark in that column; then any action you take will be applied to all checked documents, such as clicking the Delete button or the Print button.

You can also use the menu command Edit, Select All to select all the messages in the view, and you can use Edit, Deselect All to remove all the checkmarks from the messages in the view.

If you accidentally select a document, you can deselect it by clicking on the check mark again.

After you select mail messages, you can delete them, move them to folders, print them, and so forth. To delete them click the Delete button on the Action bar, and the marked messages will be removed from the Inbox and put in the Trash view. By default, the memos in the Trash folder are removed from the database after 48 hours. You will learn how to use folders and print from views in other lessons in this book.

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