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10.5 Common Errors

10.5.1 Users Cannot Logon

"I've installed Samba, but now I can't log on with my UNIX account!"

Make sure your user has been added to the current Samba passdb backend. Read the Section 10.3 for details.

10.5.2 Users Being Added to the Wrong Backend Database

A few complaints have been received from users who just moved to Samba-3. The following smb.conf file entries were causing problems: new accounts were being added to the old smbpasswd file, not to the tdbsam passdb.tdb file:

          ...    passdb backend = smbpasswd, tdbsam

Samba will add new accounts to the first entry in the passdb backend parameter entry. If you want to update to the tdbsam, then change the entry to:

         [globals] ...   passdb backend = tdbsam, smbpasswd

10.5.3 Configuration of auth methods

When explicitly setting an auth methods parameter, guest must be specified as the first entry on the line — for example, auth methods = guest sam.

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