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Leveraging Complementary Microsoft Products with SharePoint 2003

The SharePoint 2003 products also integrate with a number of other Microsoft products besides the Office line of products. The following is an excerpt from the "Coexistence and Interoperability Guide for SharePoint Products and Technologies" (available at http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/assistance/HA011607771033.aspx) that lists several other Microsoft products that can add value when used with SharePoint 2003:

  • Project Server 2003—Provides timesheets, status reports, portfolio analysis and modeling, enterprise resources, and enterprise templates. When integrated with Windows SharePoint Services, Project Server 2003 provides document management and issues and risk tracking features.

  • BizTalk Server 2002 and 2004—BizTalk Server has a BizTalk Adapter for Web Services that allows Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies to expose e-commerce functions over the Internet.

  • Live Communications Server 2003—Microsoft Live Communications Server can be installed on the same computer as Windows SharePoint Services or SharePoint Portal Server. Live Communications Server can provide online presence information (by way of instant messaging clients) to your SharePoint sites.

  • Windows Rights Management Services and Information Rights Management 2003—You can use Windows Rights Management Services and Information Rights Management (IRM) 2003 to control permissions for documents when users open them in the Office 2003 client applications, such as Microsoft Office Word 2003. Although SharePoint sites allow per-list permissions for document libraries and not per-document permissions, IRM per-document permissions apply when using the Office client applications. Users who view or control permissions for a document by using IRM must be authenticated by using a Microsoft .NET Passport account or Windows Rights Management Services.

  • Internet Security and Authentication (ISA) Server 2000 and 2004—You can use Microsoft ISA Server 2000 or 2004 to provide extranet proxy and firewall support for Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies.

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