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Introducing Cascading Style Sheets

You probably didn’t realize it, but you were creating CSS Styles while you were modifying settings in the Page Property dialog box. Dreamweaver automatically adds CSS to your web page and the styles created are visible in the CSS Styles panel (Window, CSS Styles) as shown in Figure 3.10. To view the styles in a web page, make sure the All button is selected at the top of the CSS Styles panel and expand the list of styles by clicking on the Expand/Collapse (+) button next to <style>.

Figure 3.10

Figure 3.10 The CSS Styles panel displays a list of styles created by Dreamweaver when you set properties in the Page Properties dialog box.

The styles created by Dreamweaver Page Properties dialog box are Redefined Tag styles. These styles add formatting properties and alter the default appearance of various tags. For instance, when you change the background color of the page, Dreamweaver redefines the <body> tag, which is the tag that contains everything on the web page. These styles are defined in the web page you are working in, but in Hour 16 you’ll learn how to place these styles in an external style sheet that can be shared by multiple web pages.

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