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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Keychain Storage Devices

Verbatim Store 'n' Go Pro

Most USB storage devices look alike, but that doesn't mean they all perform alike. Verbatim's Store 'n' Go Pro drives are just a little faster than the average drive, which makes transferring large amounts of data a little less of a chore. Read speeds approach 23MB/second, with write speeds in the 14MB/second neighborhood (on a USB 2.0 connection), which makes the Store 'n' Go Pro one of the fastest USB drives out there. And, as you know, a second or two here and a second or two there add up over time.

Physically, the Store 'n' Go Pro occupies an attractive transparent colored plastic case, complete with a dual-color LED that flashes while data is being transferred. The device itself is ultra slim, especially when compared to similar keychain devices, which makes it easier to plug into stacked USB ports on your PC.

Each drive comes with V-Safe security software and V-Key file software, on an accompanying mini-CD. Install the software on each PC on which you use the Store 'n' Go drive, and you can format your USB drive with a password-protection section for added security.

The Store 'n' Go Pro is available in 256MB, 512MB, 1GB, and 2GB sizes. For the price you also get a lanyard to carry the device around your neck, as well as a set of personal identification labels.

Model: Store 'n' Go Pro Manufacturer: Verbatim (http://www.verbatim.com) Capacity/price: 256MB ($50), 512MB ($70), 1GB ($135), 2GB ($170)

Kingston DataTraveler Elite

Kingston's DataTraveler Elite is another good high-speed USB memory device. Read speed is 24MB/ second; write speed is 14MB/second. TravelerSafe+ software lets you set password access control; My Traveler software helps you organize the drive's contents.

Model: DataTraveler Elite Manufacturer: Kingston (http://www.kingston.com) Capacity/price: 256MB ($50), 512MB ($65), 1GB ($130), 2GB ($230)

Lexar JumpDrive Lightning

Lexar's JumpDrive Lightning comes in a stylish stainless steel case, with file synchronization and security software pre-loaded. The 2GB version offers 24MB/second read and 18MB/second write speed; the 1GB version is almost as fast.

Model: JumpDrive Lightning Manufacturer: Lexar (http://www.lexar.com) Capacity/price: 1GB ($139.99), 2GB ($270)

Apacer Handy Steno

Apacer offers the highest-capacity USB drives around, topping out at 4GB of storage. Read speed is 20MB/second; write speed is 14MB/second.

Model: HT203 Manufacturer: Apacer (http://www.apacer.com) Capacity/price: 256MB ($40), 512MB ($60), 1GB ($100), 2GB ($200), 4GB ($380)

USB Sushi Drives

USB drives don't have to be practical—they can also be fun! And what's more fun than a USB storage device in the shape of a piece of sushi? These "sushi disks" are available in various shapes—shuumai, ebi, salmon, futomaki, cucumber maki, and so on. And, unusual as they look, they really work.

Distributor: Dynamism (http://www.dynamism.com/sushidisk/) Capacity/ price: 32MB ($59), 128MB ($99)

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