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Xandros is another Linux distribution based on Debian Linux, and like Linspire, doesn't require users to work with the command line as much. It also only offers a KDE front end. Xandros Business Edition also offers a Windows-like user experience but takes things a step further than Linspire by including CodeWeavers's CrossOver Office Standard, allowing you to run Windows software like Microsoft Office, Photoshop, and iTunes right on the Linux desktop. It also allows users to join Windows domains transparently; in other words you can use your current Windows login to connect your Xandros workstation to a Windows network, effortlessly. And as an act of consideration to your Windows-bound co-workers, Xandros has included anti-virus software so that you don't accidentally forward any virus-ridden files their way.

Figure 12

Figure 12 Xandros Business Edition

For software updates, installations and removal, Xandros uses its proprietary Xandros Networks software. Through Xandros Networks you can also download trial software, purchase software and software upgrades, and buy a Xandros Networks Premium Membership for discounts on Xandros Networks Shop purchases. Unlike Linspire, there is no monthly fee for using Xandros Networks and many of the items in the Shop are free of charge.

Figure 13

Figure 13 Using Xandros Networks

Xandros Business Edition is the only distro we've looked at that includes StarOffice. You may be wondering why that's a big deal. StarOffice is Sun Microsystems's commercial office productivity suite, and it includes extra features not found in OpenOffice. Although both products share a lot of the same code, Sun has added nearly 2000 pieces of clipart, 300 templates, extra fonts, a spell checker and thesaurus and software support to their product, making it a more attractive option to Microsoft Office.

Figure 14

Figure 14 StarOffice 7

Support-wise, Xandros Business includes 90 days installation support, a knowledgebase, user forums, and a printed manual. Xandros Business Edition is the most expensive of the distributions I've covered here, weighing in at $129, but when you consider the fact that it includes StarOffice, CrossOver Office Standard, and Xandros Anti-virus, which sell on their own for $79.95, $39.95, and $24.95 respectively, the price is quite reasonable. Combined with its Windows networking compatibility, Xandros is hard to beat.


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