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Improving and Organizing Your Photos with iPhoto's Editing Dashboard

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iPhoto turns your Mac into a total image management machine. This chapter covers the multitude of tools available through iPhoto, covering the organization tools, scrapbooking, and photo editing, and dozens of other features to help you manage your digital images.
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Simply put, iPhoto keeps track of your digital images. With a capacity of 25,000 photos, there’s plenty of room for the snapshots you scanned in from the old family albums, the digital pictures you take now, and the images your cousins send in email. The cool part—or one of them—is that unlike the stack of beat-up albums or the shoebox in your mom’s dresser drawer, iPhoto can preserve and enhance your photos, and help you keep them in easy reach. Oh yeah, and you can create photo books, slideshows, web pages, CDs or DVDs, and even print photos the old-fashioned way—on paper!

Organizing photos is just great, but discovering that one you have imported from a camera looks like junk can be more frustrating than trying to figure out who the blurry baby on Aunt Millie’s lap might be. Although iPhoto can’t fix the blurriness, it can retouch your images, eliminate red eye, and perform other groovy editing tricks. More hands-on operations, such as cropping and resizing, also get the iPhoto treatment. iPhoto is the Swiss Army knife of image management.

In this chapter I’ll show you how to import photos, label and organize them, and obliterate photographic errors with iPhoto’s editing dashboard. With your images cataloged in iPhoto, the next step is to share ‘em. I’ll arm you with tips on printing, making slideshows, and transferring your masterpieces so Web visitors and email recipients can enjoy them.

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Illustration 1 iPhoto manages your memories.

The Many Moods of iPhoto

Import, manage, edit, and share photos.

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Illustration 2 iPhoto quick start.

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