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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

3.6 The Options Dialog

The Options dialog allows you to configure several aspects of MySQL Query Browser behavior. The settings configured via this dialog are read by MySQL Administrator, so they affect that program, too.

To access the Options dialog, select the Options ... item from the Tools menu. The dialog has several sections, as shown in Figure 3.5.

Figure 3.5

Figure 3.5 Options dialog.

The sections in the Options dialog are used as follows:

  • The Browser section appears only when you are running MySQL Query Browser. It allows you to set options that affect MySQL Query Browser general defaults.
  • The Administrator section appears only when you are running MySQL Administrator. It allows you to set options that affect MySQL Administrator general defaults.
  • The General Options section customizes program behavior. It controls settings such as font, language selection, and whether to save passwords in connection profiles. Passwords can be saved as plain text or in "obscured" format. The latter is weak encryption that is unsophisticated and will not defeat a determined attack, but it does make stored passwords not directly visible via simple inspection.
  • The Connections section allows you to create, edit, and delete connection profiles. It also has a browser that provides information about recent connections. The connection editor is discussed in Section 3.5, "Connection Management."
  • The Editors section configures defaults for the MySQL Table Editor for creating tables, such as the default storage engine and data type, whether to define columns as NOT NULL by default, and whether integer columns should be UNSIGNED by default. It also gives you control over the conventions used when naming indexes and foreign keys.
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