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This chapter discussed setting up Oracle Enterprise Manager and using automatic alerts to notify the DBA of database issues. It also reviewed the installation of XML DB, Oracle Text, and other related multimedia storage options. The introduction to RAC setup will help you undesrtand the the concepts better in Chapter 15 "Utilizing Oracle Database 10g Real Applications Clusters." Finally, it reviewed RMAN and important components in registering a database for backup. The installation of the database and the many components alone would take over 1,000 pages for all the supported platforms; please refer to the appropriate platform-specific Oracle Installation manuals for details relevant to yours.

Now that you have completed all the major database installation processes and related options, you can proceed to discussing the new database features of Oracle Database 10g and how you can make the most of them. We will start with a discussion of Automatic Storage Management (ASM) in the next chapter.

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