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Sharing Your Favorites Folders

You can easily share your Favorites folders with other users. You can download its contents into your personal computer and store it in a file there. You can then e-mail it to your colleagues, who can upload it from their personal computer into the Favorites folders of their SAP Easy Access screen and then work with the same transactions that you use.

Follow these next two procedures for downloading and uploading favorites. For both procedures, we use the example of a favorites file that is downloaded into, and then uploaded from, the storage folders of a personal computer running the Windows operating system.

  1. Follow the menu path Favorites > Download to PC to download your Favorites folders (Figure 6.28).

    Figure 6.28 Menu path for downloading your Favorites folders.

  2. The SAP Custom - Save File As screen appears (Figure 6.29).
    • Select a storage location in the Save in field (A).
    • Enter a file name in the File name field (B).
    • Hit the Enter key on your keyboard, and the file appears in the selected storage location in a plain text format that can be read by any personal computer. Send it to a colleague by e-mail or other means (e.g., disk).

    Figure 6.29 Save your Favorites folders as a file on your personal computer.

  3. Follow the menu path Favorites > Upload from PC to upload a favorites file from your personal computer (Figure 6.30).

    Figure 6.30 Menu path for uploading a favorites file into your Favorites folders.

  4. The Open screen appears (Figure 6.31).
    • Locate the favorites file in your personal computer's storage folders (A) and double-click it to upload it into your Favorites folders.

    Figure 6.31 Select the file with the Favorites folders on your personal computer.

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