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Adding Transaction Links to the Favorites Folders

Once you create your folders and subfolders, you can add transaction links to them in one of two ways, depending on whether or not you know their transaction codes (see the next lesson for an explanation of transaction codes and how to display them on the SAP Easy Access screen).

For an example, we insert a link for the List-Display Purchase Requisitions transaction, which has the transaction code ME5A, into the Purchasing transactions folder in both of these ways.

  1. Click the intended destination of the link to select and highlight it (Figure 6.9A), then follow the menu path Favorites > Insert transaction, or

    Figure 6.9 Select the location for the new favorites link.

    Right-click the destination of the link, then select the Insert transaction command from the shortcut menu.
  2. The Manual entry of a transaction popup screen appears (Figure 6.10).
    • Enter the transaction code in the Transaction code field (A).
    • Hit the Enter key on your keyboard.

    Figure 6.10 Enter the transaction code on this screen.

  3. The new link appears in its selected spot (Figure 6.11A).

    Figure 6.11 The new link appears inside the selected folder.

  1. Follow the menu path through the SAP menu folders or User menu folders to the link for the transaction (Figure 6.12A).

    Figure 6.12 Click-and-drag a copy of a transaction link from the menu folders to your Favorites folders.

  2. Click-and-drag the link toward its destination in the Favorites folders. As you slide the link through the menu folders, the cursor appears as a slashed circle (B). When it passes into the Favorites folders, the circle is replaced by an arrow with a small box attached to its end (C).
  3. Point the cursor on the destination folder, and its name is outlined by a dashed line (D). Release the link there by releasing your mouse button.
  4. A copy of the transaction link appears in the Favorites folders (Figure 6.13A); the original link still appears in the menu folders (B).

    Figure 6.13 The transaction link is copied, not moved, into the selected folder.

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