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Adding Favorites Folders

The first step in working with the Favorites folders is to design and create its structure by adding folders and subfolders to the Favorites root folder. The basic design philosophy is to create the least number of levels in a structure so that your favorite links are just one or two clicks away—in other words, to keep the menu paths short.

Figure 6.6 shows a set of Favorites folders with a second level of folders for four distinct classes of transactions. We can insert a new subfolder called Time entry transactions inside the Human resources folder by following this procedure.


Figure 6.6 Select the location for a new favorites folder.

  1. Click the intended destination of the new folder to select and highlight it (Figure 6.6A), then follow the menu path Favorites > Insert folder, or Right-click the destination of the new folder, then select the Insert folder command from the shortcut menu.
  2. The Creating a Folder in the Favorite List popup screen appears (Figure 6.7).
    • Enter a name for the new folder in the Folder name field (A).
    • Hit the Enter key on your keyboard.

    Figure 6.7 Enter a name for the new folder on this screen.

  3. The new folder appears in its selected spot (Figure 6.8A).

    Figure 6.8 The new folder appears inside the selected folder.

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