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Viewing Multiple Debugger Windows Simultaneously

By default, the debugger's windows appear in a tabbed area in the lower-right corner of the IDE in which only one of the tabs is viewable at a time. If you want to view multiple debugger windows simultaneously, you can use drag-and-drop to split a tab into its own window or to move the tab into a different window (such as the window occupied by the Debugger Console). You can also drag the splitter between windows to change the size of each window.

To create a separate window area for a debugger tab, drag the window's tab to one side of the current window until a red outline for the location of the new window appears. Then release the mouse button. See Figures 5-9, 5-10, and 5-11 for snapshots of the process.


Figure 5-9 Call Stack window before moving it by dragging its tab to the left and dropping it in the lower left corner of the screen


Figure 5-10 Call Stack window and the outlined area to the left where it is to be dropped


Figure 5-11 Call Stack after it has been moved to the new window area

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