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Viewing and Navigating Mac OS X Tiger Finder Windows

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The Finder in Tiger is much as it has always been, and its function remains the same, but it looks considerably different, and provides some new features that you'll want to know about. This chapter explains these new features and where to find them.
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In this chapter

  • The Mac OS X Finder

  • Working with Finder Windows

  • Navigating Finder Windows

  • Customizing Finder Windows

  • Working with the Finder Window’s Action Pop-up Menu

  • Working with Labels

  • Mac OS X to the Max: Finder Window Keyboard Shortcuts

The Mac OS X Finder

The basic purpose of the Finder under Mac OS X version 10.4 is the same as it has always been; the Finder is the Mac application that provides the desktop, enables you to work with folders and files, and provides the basic interface for interacting with the system. The Finder does look a bit different than it did under previous versions of the OS, and it offers many more features, but most of the basic tasks work in the same or very similar ways. These tasks include those that you use to view and navigate Finder windows. In addition to its new appearance, the Mac OS X version 10.4 Finder also offers better views, more customization options, and more tools.

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