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A Channel Service Unit/Data Service Unit (CSU/DSU) acts as a translator between the LAN data format and the WAN data format. Such a conversion is necessary because the technologies used on WAN links are different from those used on LANs. Some consider a CSU/DSU as a type of digital modem; but unlike a normal modem, which changes the signal from digital to analog, a CSU/DSU changes the signal from one digital format to another. Figure 3.16 shows how a CSU/DSU might fit into a network.

Figure 3.16

Figure 3.16 How a CSU/DSU is used in a network.

A CSU/DSU has physical connections for the LAN equipment, normally via a serial interface, and another connection for a WAN. Traditionally, the CSU/DSU has been in a separate box from other networking equipment; however, the increasing use of WAN links means that some router manufacturers are now including the CSU/DSU functionality in routers or are providing the expansion capability to do so.

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