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This chapter is from the book

The Absolute Minimum

Here are the key points to remember from this chapter:

  • Before you place a bid, you have to be a registered eBay user—and you should check out the feedback rating and comments of the item’s seller.

  • You place your bid in the Ready to Bid? section of the item listing page; then you enter your user ID, password, and the maximum bid you’re willing to make.

  • eBay’s proxy bidding software manages your bidding, raising your bid as necessary up to but not exceeding your specified maximum bid amount.

  • If, at any point during the auction, you get outbid, you have two options: Place another (higher) bid, or walk away free and clear.

  • When you win an auction, you’ll be notified by eBay; you should then contact the seller to arrange payment and shipping terms.

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