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Just Do It—Placing a Bid

You’ve waited long enough. Now it’s time to finally place your bid!

Here’s what you do:

  1. Scroll down to the Ready to Bid? section of the listing page, and enter your maximum bid amount.

  2. If you’re bidding in a Dutch auction (in which the quantity is more than one), enter the number of items you want to bid on.

  3. Click the Place Bid button.

  4. When the Submit Your Bid page appears, enter your user information (if prompted), confirm your bid, and then click the Submit button.

  5. Your bid is officially entered and the item listing page is redisplayed. At the top of the page, in the blue shaded box, is your bidder status; this is where you learn whether you’re the current high bidder or whether you’ve already been outbid.

Remember, eBay’s proxy bidding system will automatically place your bids for you, up to but not exceeding your specified maximum bid amount. If the minimum bid is currently $10, and you entered a maximum bid of $20, eBay enters your bid as $10. Your bid will get raised automatically if and when other bidders enter higher bids.

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