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Making Selections

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Selecting Large Areas

It’s often necessary to select a large part of the picture, such as the sky, so that you can darken its color or otherwise change it without changing the rest of the picture. Figure 3.10 shows a picture with a lot of sky and a very complicated object sticking up into it. There are gaps between the branches and leaves, and some of the highlights on the flowers are close to the color of the sky.

Figure 3.10

Figure 3.10 Selecting just the sky will be difficult.

You can download this picture from the Sams website mentioned in the Introduction. Look for crabapple.jpg. This file will open in both PC and Mac versions of Photoshop.

Find another picture with a lot of sky and practice this yourself. It’s not difficult. Remember, if you select more sky (or whatever) than you intended, Undo will deselect the last portion selected, leaving the rest of the selection active.

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