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Like this article? We recommend

The Press Room

The Press Room is the lost stepchild of eCommerce, and you should include one on your web site. Public relations (PR) is usually an afterthought at most eCommerce web sites; every business wants and needs free publicity, but sprinkling a few press releases or links to news articles on your storefront doesn't constitute public relations. When journalists write about companies, the first place they turn isn't a stack of press releases (which most often go ignored), but rather the web. They start by visiting the target company's web site or turn to search engines to find businesses that manufacture, distribute, or sell the product or service of interest.

The proper eCommerce Press Room should do the following:

  • Describe your company and what makes its products or services unique
  • Provide images, photos, or downloadable information of your products or services
  • List the key people in management and detail each person's professional and business backgrounds
  • Provide a press contact—a person who can tell the company story consistently
  • List all latest press releases and media mentions
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