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Working with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9

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Instant Access

Working with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) requires an understanding of the login process, including local account files, system accounts, and managing identities.

Using a console shell or the graphical environment are two possible methods of working on a SLES machine.

Finding your way around a SLES installation requires an in-depth knowledge of the filesystem layout. Essential filesystem components are documented and explained in this chapter. Basic filesystem permissions are also described.

The SLES help system includes the use of both man and info pages.

Editing text files from a console session is normally done with the vi editor. Modes of vi are explained and tables of common commands used with vi are provided.

Although a complete guide to using SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) is beyond the scope of this book, an understanding of Linux and basic Linux functionality is necessary for successful deployment of OES Linux.

This chapter will discuss essential Linux concepts, such as understanding the login process, using the command-line and graphical environments, finding your way around the filesystem, using the available help systems, and understanding text-editing tools. Linux-proficient administrators may want to skip to Chapter 6, "SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Management," for more in-depth SLES information, but breezing through this chapter for an introduction to SUSE-specific utilities and environments might be helpful. If you are new to Linux, this chapter should get you started, but this is not intended to be a comprehensive or beginner’s Linux guide.

If you’d like a more thorough investigation into Linux fundamentals or SLES administration, Novell Education’s Certified Linux Professional (CLP) and Certified Linux Engineer (CLE) programs are well worth looking into. For more information on Novell’s SUSE Linux certification options, see Appendix A, "CLE Certification Options."

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