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Installing and Configuring Desktop Manager

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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Blackberry basics:

  • The Desktop Manager is an important tool for managing and configuring your handheld.

  • There are three different ways that you can redirect email messages to your handheld—BlackBerry Enterprise Server, BlackBerry Desktop Redirector, and BlackBerry Web Client.

  • You can set filters in the Redirector Settings Applet to help combat spam email.

  • When you set up your handheld for the first time, you must generate a security key.

What Is the Desktop Manager?

Like most handheld devices that synchronize data with your PC, there is a component that needs to be installed on your PC to help manage your handheld. This piece is called the BlackBerry Desktop Manager and is included on the CD that shipped with your handheld. The Desktop Manager’s first job is to set up your handheld and configure it so you can start to receive messages.

Afterward, the Desktop Manager handles the maintenance tasks such as backup/restore, synchronization with your email server, and loading new applications.

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