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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Changing the Panel Location and Size

The size and location of the panel can be changed. In KDE, right-click the panel and select Configure Panel, which displays the screen in Figure 6-16.

Figure 6.16

Figure 6-16 Panel configuration screen for KDE.

The computer terminal in the Screen section previews the current settings. Any setting change is shown immediately in the preview screen. The panel in this figure is shown across the entire bottom. In the Position section, the lower-left square is selected. Click a different square to move the panel. Move the slider to change the length of the panel. The current setting for Size is a Custom size of 54 pixels. The size refers to the height or width of the panel. Use the slider to change the custom size or check a different size (e.g., Small or Tiny). Click OK to keep the new settings.

For GNOME, right-click the panel and select Properties. The screen shown on the right displays. The Orientation button allows you to select Top, Bottom, Left, or Right. You can select or type the number of pixels for the size.

Click Close when you are satisfied with the settings.

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