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Novell Client Upgrade Agent

The Novell Client Upgrade Agent simplifies client upgrades by enabling you to schedule periodic checks for updated client software. The Upgrade Agent will query a specified location for a newer Novell client. If one is found, the install routine will start automatically.

To configure the Novell Client Upgrade Agent, complete the following steps:

  1. Create an unattended configuration file with the NCIMan, as discussed previously in this chapter.

  2. To configure the Upgrade Agent, right-click the Novell N icon in the system tray and select Novell Client Properties.

  3. Select the Update Agent tab (see Figure 3.5).

  4. Figure 3.5

    Figure 3.5 Novell Client Update Agent configuration options, available from Novell Client Properties.

  5. Configure the Update Agent and click OK when you're finished:

    • Select Enable Automatic Update Agent and specify the launch interval, which defines how often, in days, the Update Agent will check for updated client files.

    • Specify the source location for the Novell client upgrade files. You can use the previously defined location, specify a new file location, or specify a web page for the client download if you have created one (see the section "Installing from a Web Server," previously in this chapter).

    • Specify the location and name of the Unattend file if one has been created. For more information on unattended configuration files, see the section "Novell Client Install Manager," earlier in this chapter.

    • (Optional) Select Suppress Update Prompt to perform the update without prompting the users.

    • (Optional) Select Support Pack Update to have the Update Agent check for client support packs in addition to full software updates.

    • (Optional) Select Administrator Rights to grant the client install administrator rights, which are required to install the client, even if the user who is logged in is not an administrator on the workstation. This option is checked by default.

After these steps are completed, you can use the Novell Client Update Agent to query for and update Novell client software automatically on your workstations. When enabled, Update Agent can also be run manually by right-clicking the Novell N in the Windows system tray and selecting Update Novell Client.

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