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The Traditional Novell Client

The Novell client installation program automatically copies all necessary NetWare files to the workstation and edits any configuration files that require modification. To have full administrative capabilities on the NetWare network, you must use the Novell client.

You can choose one of three methods for installing the Novell client on your workstation:

  • Download and install the Novell Client from http://download.novell.com. Periodically, Novell releases updated clients with new features, so the client files on the Internet may be newer than those versions described here. It's a good idea to check this location occasionally for updates.

  • Install the Novell client from a web server.

  • Upgrade existing workstations with the Novell Client Update Agent.

Novell offers a Novell Client for Windows XP/2000 (currently v4.91) and for Windows 9x (currently v3.4). The installation procedure for both versions is identical, so you can use the installation, configuration, and removal instructions regardless of the version of Windows you are running.

For either platform, if you are installing a new client, you need an Internet connection to download the Novell client install files for the first time. If you're upgrading an existing workstation that already has a connection to the network, you can run the installation program from a network directory instead.

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