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The NetIdentity agent leverages what is known as the XTier framework used with NetStorage, Apache, and Tomcat services to provide single sign-on across all Novell services that use eDirectory authentication. The only caveat to this is that the first service with which a user authenticates must be NetIdentity-enabled. The list of NetIdentity-enabled services includes the following:

  • Novell client (v3.4x for Windows 9x, and v4.9x for Windows XP/2000)

  • iFolder 2.x

  • iPrint

  • NetStorage

  • Novell Portal Services

After you have authenticated with one of these services, accessing any other service, such as iManager, that uses eDirectory authentication will prompt a transparent, background authentication so that you aren't required to reenter your authentication information.

To enable NetIdentity-based single sign-on to Novell services, complete the following tasks:

  • Make sure that the XTier framework is installed on all OES NetWare servers to which users will authenticate.

  • Install the NetIdentity Agent on the workstation where you want NetIdentity services enabled.

The XTier framework is installed automatically when you install NetStorage, Apache, and Tomcat services. It cannot be selected and installed separately, so if you want to use NetIdentity, install one or more of these services on your OES NetWare server prior to continuing. If you are unsure whether XTier is installed on a given server, point your browser to the following URL:

http://<server IP or DNS name>/oneNet/xtier-login

If XTier is installed you will see an authentication dialog box, indicating that the server can recognize credentials passed by NetIdentity.

To install the NetIdentity Agent, complete the following steps:

  1. Locate the \netidentity folder created when the Novell client files are extracted from the Zip file downloaded from http://download.novell.com. For example, for Novell client for Windows XP/2000, the NetIdentity folder is located in \WINNT\i386\.

  2. Run SETUP.EXE, located in the \netidentity folder. For the Novell client for Windows 98/95 the setup utility is NISETUP.EXE.

  3. Select the Installation language and click OK.

  4. At the InstallShield welcome screen click Next, and then click Install to start the installation routine.

  5. When the installation completes, click Finish.

When installed, NetIdentity will provide single sign-on to all Novell services that authenticate through eDirectory.

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