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PRAXIS I Writing

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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Exam Prep Questions

For questions 1 through 3, identify whether the underlined word is a noun, verb, adjective, pronoun, or adverb.

  1. After the show, my cousins and I all went out for a late snack. We ordered desserts and coffee.

    1. Noun

    2. Verb

    3. Adjective

    4. Pronoun

  2. 2. I watched the cat as she quietly snuck up behind the bird.

    1. Verb

    2. Adjective

    3. Adverb

    4. Pronoun

  3. The amount of the purchase was calculated in American dollars.

    1. Adjective

    2. Verb

    3. Noun

    4. Pronoun

    For questions 4 through 7, identify the main verb in each sentence or phrase.

  4. During the night, the temperature dropped below the freezing point.

    1. During

    2. Temperature

    3. Dropped

    4. Below the

  5. The night before the exam, I decided to relax and rest instead of cramming.

    1. Decided

    2. Relax

    3. Rest

    4. Cramming

  6. The boys threw the baseball through the kitchen window.

    1. Boys

    2. Threw

    3. Baseball

    4. Through

  7. By the time we left the party, almost everyone had gone home for the evening.

    1. Time

    2. Party

    3. Had gone

    4. Home

  8. For questions 8 through 15, identify the incorrect use of commas and other punctuation in the sentence, and then select the answer that corrects the error.

    8. The grade one class was not going on a field trip to the museum unless there were enough parent volunteers.

    1. class, was

    2. trip, to

    3. museum, unless

    4. No error

  9. "The man in the blue jacket," yelled the woman "is the one who tried to grab my purse."

    1. man, in

    2. blue, jacket

    3. woman, is

    4. No error

  10. In the English class we take this semester, we have been studying nouns, verbs and adjectives.

    1. semester we

    2. verbs, and

    3. in, the

    4. No error

  11. My grandmother, whom we visit twice a year, was born in Minneapolis Minnesota on May 12, 1937.

    1. grandmother whom

    2. Minneapolis, Minnesota

    3. May, 12

    4. No error

  12. We went to the new grocery store around the corner from our house to buy bread and milk.

    1. new, grocery

    2. store, around

    3. bread, and

    4. No error

  13. We went to the grocery store to buy the following items; apples, bananas, oranges, and grapes.

    1. store, to

    2. items:

    3. oranges,

    4. grapes?

    5. No error

  14. Doctor Felicia Zibell who is a chiropractor, helped to relieve most of my back and shoulder pain.

    1. Doctor,

    2. Zibell,

    3. chiropractor;

    4. back,

    5. No error

  15. Although often invited, we never enjoyed going downtown to the concert hall; parking our car was always so difficult.

    1. Although,

    2. invited we

    3. hall,

    4. car,

    5. No error

    Questions 16 through 26 will test your ability to identify parts of a sentence or phrase that contain errors in mechanics, word choice, or grammar.

  16. When you asked for directions at the front desk, with whom did you speak?

    1. you

    2. asked

    3. whom

    4. with

    5. No error

  17. Your really going to enjoy the new play; the actors are quite amazing in their roles.

    1. Your

    2. going

    3. quite

    4. amazing

    5. No error

  18. "The poems," said our English teacher, are due on Friday, June 4."

    1. "The poems,"

    2. English

    3. , are

    4. Friday,

    5. No error

  19. After we played five hockey games between Saturday and Sunday, I go straight home to sleep instead of attending the wind-up.

    1. played

    2. go

    3. sleep

    4. attending

    5. No error

  20. Were going to have to fix the leak in the roof before spring comes; it's always the rainy season for us.

    1. Were

    2. to have to

    3. comes;

    4. it's

    5. No error

    For questions 21 through 26, select the most appropriate replacement for the underlined portion of each sentence.

  21. We planned on going for dinner at the new local restaurant than going to see a late movie.

    1. than, going to

    2. then, going to

    3. than going to,

    4. then going to

  22. The underlying theme of the story had a profound effect on me; it brought tears to my eyes.

    1. effect on me:

    2. affect on me;

    3. effect on me,

    4. affect on me,

    5. No error

  23. While I was driving around the city, I lost my sense of direction and can't find my way back to my hotel.

    1. since of direction, and can't

    2. sense of direction and can not

    3. sense of direction; and can't

    4. sense of direction and couldn't

  24. The menu for the summer party included hamburgers, hotdogs and potato chips so I had to make a trip to the grocery store.

    1. summer's party included hamburgers, hotdogs and potato chips

    2. summer party included hamburgers, hotdogs, and potato chips

    3. summer party included Hamburgers, hotdogs and Potato Chips

    4. summer party included hamburgers, hotdogs, and potato chips;

  25. My brother received a scholarship to go to university so he was trying to find themself an apartment that would be within walking distance of the school.

    1. university; so he was trying to find themself

    2. university so they were trying to find themselves

    3. university, so he was trying to find himself

    4. university so he was trying to find themself,

  26. Our relatives, which live in Southern California, drove all the way to Minnesota for the family reunion.

    1. that live in Southern California

    2. who are living in Southern California

    3. which live in Southern California

    4. who live in Southern California

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