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Removing the LCD

With the cover off, the next step appeared to be to remove the LCD display. After poking around for a few seconds, I noticed the there was a button bar across the bottom of the LCD that would have to be removed. This pops off easily by lifting the silver catch on the left side of the display. You can then carefully remove the bar by lifting the tan catch on the connector and pulling out the circuit strip.

Figure 01

Figure 1: PSP with top cover off.

Removing the screen is a bit more challenging. I wasn't sure at first where to start, but eventually trusted my gut instinct and went with the brute force method. My target was the left lower corner of the LCD tray. You insert a very narrow screwdriver in between the screen and the metal piece holding the analog joystick board (LCD Catch 1 in Figure 1). Then pry the screen up slowly and the metal wedge should pop out of the catch in the lower left part of the display tray. Next do the same on the top left side of the display (LCD Catch 2 in Figure 1). This should allow you to wiggle the screen up and out. Just be careful not to pull to fast or hard because the display is connected to a circuit board underneath with two circuit strips (Figure 1). Now that the screen is released from its holder, I wonder if my screen can become adjustable, as illustrated in Figure 2.

Figure 2

Figure 2: LCD angled up for better viewing on flat surface.

With the LCD out of the tray, we need to remove it from the PSP. This is accomplished by removing the circuit strips from the main board of the PSP. To do this, first lift the black part of the connector on each strip. The long connector lifts from the bottom, and the short connector lifts from the top (Figure 3 for details). Before removing these connectors, make sure you take out the battery. You don't want any current flowing through the PSP causing you problems!

Figure 3

Figure 3: Removing the LCD

Next, you need to remove the metal tray that held the LCD, which is tricky because it is linked to the UMD release on the top of the PSP. So, carefully make sure that you have removed all visible screws that hold the tray down (note where each screw is to be placed when you rebuild the PSP, and also make sure you remove the two screws from the battery cavity (these might have been removed by you earlier). These will be silver screws, not the previously removed black screws. Once all the screws are removed, open the UMD door and then lift the display tray off the PSP. Figure 3 shows you the general location of the screws.

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