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Removing the cover

The first step to taking apart any device is to locate the screws keeping the outer shell on the device. In the case of the PSP, you will have to remove three screws. The first two are easy to find and are on the back right side of the PSP near the Duo stick slot (black). The third screw is on the bottom side of the PSP right in the center of the system. The final two screws are actually hidden away in the battery cavity.

You will be able to see one black screw and one silver screw once the battery is removed. You can remove both of them, but it is the black screw that is responsible for keeping the case together. The silver screw is there to keep the LCD holder in place.

The final screw is actually under the PSP Void warranty sticker that is at the lower side of the battery cavity. Don't touch that warranty sticker unless you are sure you want to go inside. It is not easy to get one of these off without causing the sticker to show evidence of tampering. With the sticker removed, you will once again see a black and silver screw. Remove the black one at this time, and keep in mind the silver screw for later. Once the black screw is removed, you should be able to lift the top of the PSP case off the device and view the internals (see Figure 1 for illustration).

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