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The PSP is an awesome gadget. While the prices of the games and movies are a bit high in my opinion, the sheer power of this portable gaming system makes it worth the money. If you are a Nintendo DS owner, I am sorry to say that the PSP blows it out of the water. When you combine the beautiful screen with the ability to play games, watch movies, listen to MP3's, and even view images, the PSP is not a gaming system, but a portable entertainment center. And with rumors of the PSP being able to support email, web browsing, chatting and more, well...let just say I am glad to know I helped support Sony in their efforts! The following breaks down my top 10 list of Perks and Irks. We hope you enjoy your PSP!


  • Movies, Games, Music, and Pictures!
  • Beautiful Graphics
  • Analog joystick
  • Headphone inline controller
  • Embedded Wi-Fi
  • Support for existing Sony media format
  • Intuitive menus
  • USB charging ability
  • Cost for device is reasonable given what it can do
  • Excellent design and look


  • WEP Encryption!?
  • Easily smudged screen
  • HOLD Switch issues
  • Battery life (I am sure we will see external battery packs)
  • Not another proprietary format (UMD)
  • Cost for games and movies are nothing but greed
  • Must have more game options!
  • More games need to support online playing
  • Useless IR port
  • Dead pixels
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