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All the Settings

The PSP is fairly complex for a handheld gaming device. It includes a music player, movie player, picture viewer, and finally, a multiplayer gaming program. While being able to pack all this functionality into a handheld is borderline miraculous, it also means that the user will be faced with the obstacle of configuring everything. Oh, and did I mention that there is no keypad? Have you ever tried to setup an encrypted wireless networking connection without a keyboard? Not as fun as you might think!

Before I lead you to believe configuring the PSP is a nightmare, they did make it as painless as possible. Most every option can be accessed and changed within three levels of the home menu screen. This makes locating and updating a snap. In addition, the PSP configuration/program control menu is cleverly and intuitively designed, with the major functions of the PSP listed horizontally, and the major setting options listed vertically. Once one of the menu options is selected, the sub-options are then presented in a perpendicular menu. Figure 4provides an illustration of the menu screen. Notice the Camera, Sound Note, Movie Screen, and Controller icons: one for each major feature.

Figure 4

Figure 4: PSP Settings Menu

There is no point in spending much time talking about this part of the PSP owner experience. The instruction manual is well thought out and easy to navigate and should answer most of your questions. If not, the kid next door will gladly step in and get you up and running. The only exception to this might be setting up the wireless network, but that is a whole article in itself!

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