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Organize Your Memories with Adobe's Photoshop Album Starter Edition

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Remember that castle in Ireland? Junior's Little League homer? Do you have a thousand digital images on your hard drive and can't find a single one? Adobe's PhotoShop Album is designed specifically for managing digital photographs. Matthew David shows you how to use this great tool to organize your memories.
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Doesn't it seem as if everybody you know has bought and is using a digital camera? These cameras are great, aren't they? They need no film, you can take hundreds of pictures on one memory card, and you can even make little movies. Most importantly, you are free of film!

Now, what do you do with all of these pictures? If you're a Mac user, you know about a cool tool called iPhoto that allows you to control and manage your digital photographs. But, what if you—like me—don't own an Mac? Fortunately, Adobe has provided a very useful tool for folks like us. Adobe's PhotoShop Album Starter Edition is a free tool you can use to import, manage, rearrange, and print your digital images.

Getting PhotoShop Album Starter Edition

I installed PhotoShop Album by mistake. I was reading an Adobe Acrobat file from the Internet, and while the file opened, Acrobat asked me if I wanted to see whether there were any updates to the software. Sure, why not? A few seconds later, Adobe Acrobat told me that there were indeed some new updates—and a new piece of software called PhotoShop Album. Would I like it, too? Heck, why not, I thought. A few minutes later, I was up and running.

Because Adobe is working hard to get PhotoShop Album out to the masses, you may already have it installed on your computer. If so, you'll find it under the Adobe subfolder in the All Programs section off of the Start button.

The free version of PhotoShop Album is the Starter Edition, which is the edition covered in this article. For another $40 or so, you can upgrade to the full version. I recommend that you start with the free version to see if you like what you can do with PhotoShop Album. If so, upgrading is a snap, and you will unlock a boatload of additional features.

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