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11.6 Summary and Highlights

Establishing resilient architecture early in the project is critical. The goal is to make the system robust and reduce the impact of requirement changes and changes elsewhere in the system. It also make the system easier to understand. From an aspect orientation point of view, a resilient system makes your pointcuts easier to define because all the classes and responsibilities you need to extend are localized.

The way you establish the structure of models that describe the system is iterative. You start with some initial platform-independent structure. You then analyze the architecturally significant use cases one by one. As you do so, you add on and refine the existing structure and incorporate platform-specific elements onto the structure. After going through all the architecturally significant use cases, you will have established a fairly resilient architecture.

In the subsequent chapters, we explain how to handle different kinds of crosscutting concerns with different kinds of use cases. This will help you understand the general approach to aspect-oriented software development.

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