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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Choosing Storage Methods That Work for You

Now that you understand the basic types of storage options available and why one method might be preferable to another for a particular item, it is time to choose the storage methods that are right for you and will work best in your garage to store your stuff. By determining this now, you will be better prepared to analyze the storage systems available in Chapter 4 and have a clearer idea of which products or system will best meet your requirements. You might just discover that you already have everything you need in your garage or home.

Table 3.2 contains a list of items typically stored in the garage. Columns are provided for you to indicate the method of storage you want to use for those items. Place an "X" in the appropriate column that corresponds to the way you intend to store a particular item in your garage. Refer to the garage plan you created in Chapter 1 to help you.

Do not worry about making the "wrong" decision. Remember, I told you earlier that there is no right or wrong decision. You simply need to create a system that works best for you. The storage method you choose for a particular item is not cast in stone at this point, but this process will help you assess your storage system requirements before you review the storage systems showcased in the next chapter.

Feel free to flip back to Table 3.1 for quick reference if you are having trouble deciding. Use the blank lines at the bottom to write in additional kinds of items you have that are not included in the table. You will use this table as your guide in determining the type of storage system you need. After you have decided how you will store each item, determine whether you already have the system to store the item or will need to buy it.

Table 3.2 Selecting Your Storage Method

Item Stored


















Baseball bats




































Cable, wire, rope









Camping equipment


















Car seat


















Cleaning products


















Electrical supplies









Extension cords









Fishing rods









Folding chairs









Folding tables









Food items









Garden hose









Hand tools









Holiday decorations









Items with handles


















Lawn chairs









Lawn tools



























Paint cans









Paint supplies









Patio furniture


















Plumbing supplies









Power tools


















Weed trimmer






















































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