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What Is Cross Training and Why Is It Important?

All the protocols in this book recommend including a cross training session during each week of training. Cross training is any activity that does not include running or walking such as swimming, tennis, or weight lifting. These important workouts will help reduce impact stress, allow for recovery, add variety to your weekly exercise routine, and of course, improve your fitness by challenging your heart and muscles.

See Table 3.2 for more suggestions of activities to include on your cross training day.

Table 3.2  Suggestions for Cross Training



Elliptical trainers



Roller skating/blading


Tai Chi



Weight lifting


Before you head out the door

Know the prescribed intensity of your workout before beginning your walk or run and stick to it! If you want, wear a heart rate monitor or GPS monitor to track your intensity and pace. Remember, the RPE scale can be used at anytime and anywhere—no equipment required!

Table 3.2 shows only a small sample of cross training activities—there are many, many more! Any activity that is different from walking or running counts as cross training.

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